Investment Proposition

Why to invest in renewables with MPC Energy Solutions

We offer a diversified Renewable Energy Portfolio

+We develop, build, own and operate renewable energy projects
+Projects include solar PV, wind, and storage solutions
+We diversify and de-risk across different technologies, countries and energy off-takers

We deliver sustainable returns

+Highly scalable business model with strong cash generation and long-term profit growth
+80 MW in operation and > 500 MW under construction or development
+Target equity IRR >15% and 75% to 80% EBITDA margin on project level

We focus on Latin America & the Caribbean

+Central America and the Caribbean have a small or undiversified renewable energy base and high energy price levels
+Market opportunity of > 45 GW in wind and solar alone in the region by 2030
+Opportunity for future expansion into similar growth regions like Asia and Africa

We have our feet on the ground

+Local presence since 2016 with offices in Colombia and Panama
+Well-known and recognizable brand in the region
+Broad and robust network and partnerships for project origination and execution

We have a long track record & strong ownership

+Proven track record in development, construction, and operation of energy infrastructure
+Management with deep industry experience
+Backed by stable anchor and long-term oriented investors

We drive the energy transition

+Global warming and climate change are major concerns and challenges
+Substantial investment in renewable energy is being deployed to meet global climate targets
+Our business actively supports the energy transition to clean and affordable energy