Community Engagement


MPC Energy Solutions collaborative engagement in the Latin America and Caribbean region

MPCES has as its first target region Latin American and the Caribbean region. This geographic landscape is very diverse with differences in terms of history, politics, culture, languages, foods, customs, religion, and traditions. This complex environment in which we operate needs our local understanding and our engagement with our local stakeholders.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, identify local needs, and maintain open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders.


Community Engagement is a key element of building trust.

Active Dialogue with the company´s stakeholder

Engaging with the communities where we operate is a key element of building trust. We believe that a good relationship with the community will result in positive impact for all concerned, stakeholders, partners and employees alike. We strive to engage in a respectful manner that will benefit our long-term relation with the local communities.

MPCES communicates transparently with all projects' stakeholders

We aim to have an active dialogue with our company’s stakeholders. Therefore, each project within the company prepares a stakeholder engagement plan to ensure efficient engagement with communities and individuals. Relevant information concerning environmental and social issues of the projects is made available to the affected and potentially affected communities as well as external stakeholders. To be able to continue a transparent and open dialogue, we always install grievance mechanisms for the communities.

Furthermore, each project has prepared its own External Communications Plan (ECP). One of the principles of the ECP is to provide opportunities for community stakeholders to raise issues, make suggestions, and voice their concerns and expectations regarding the project. Examples of this includes meetings with the community, mailboxes placed outside the facilities, and email addresses for each project.

Community Engagement in El Salvador

We invite you to join us on a trip to El Salvador, where our team has developed a major project for the benefit of society and communities.

Community Engagement in Colombia

During 2021, we have made significant infrastructure investments in road improvement and maintenance. The investments are beneficial for the communities and the project’s supply of goods and services, as it contributes to an easier flow between producers and markets, employers and workers, boosting the local economies.

Get in Touch with our Community Manager

Get in Touch with our Community Manager

Juan Carlos Valenecia is a Geologist with more than 20 years of experience in negotiation, social investment planning and handling communities in Colombia. At MPCES he is responsible for the execution of our social engagement strategy, conflict resolution and strengthening of the ESG indicators of our portfolio.