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Meet the Team - Interview with Diego Villasante, Team Amsterdam

Why did you join MPCES?

I have been my whole life worried about the necessity to take care of nature, probably because I have grown in a rural area. Therefore, during 2021 I was already thinking to make a step forward in my career. I was hoping to be part of a project which could change the “statu quo”, something disruptive and something that could impact positively in the society and the environment. Therefore, when MPCES approached to me and told me the plans of the company and the direct positive impact that we could have in our environment and in the local communities nearby to the projects, I thought: “I want to be part of that”.


What did you do before?

Previously to join MPCES, I was working as a financial auditor in KPMG Netherlands during 2 years and Deloitte Spain during 4 years. All that time I was working with clients in the financial services industry (funds, hedge funds, insurance companies…).


What are your responsibilities at MPCES?

I am the senior financial controller since January 2022 and I am in charge of the budgeting phase of the holding company, SPVs and also the budgets during the construction phase. Additionally, I work closely with the CFO analyzing the viability of the possible projects presented by the M&A Department.


How does your everyday work look like?

I am a passionate fan of football, especially a Real Madrid fan, therefore I see my everyday work as a midfielder. From my position I have to be in touch with all the departments in the company and also work in group with my coworkers. Additionally, I have a clear vision of the stakeholders and the internal activities. At the end it is very pleasant.


Why did you choose controlling for your career?

From the very beginning in my life I have felt that I like numbers and economy and also I have loved to be informed and to be part of all the projects I have been involved, from group activities as a kid to real project at work, so from this position I can align all those pieces.


What are your hobbies?

I love practicing sports (running, football, paddle tennis…), diving, dancing cuban salsa, enjoy my spare time with friends, travelling, meet new people and different cultures, reading books… I would say that I love to enjoy every minute of my life.


Anything else you would like to share?

Paraphrasing Martin Luther King, I have a dream that in a near future the human being will prosper in a decarbonized economy and all of us will be able to enjoy our life in balance with the planet. That’s why I am so proud to be part of MPCES, making clean energy happen.

Diego, thank you for this interview. 

Diego Villasante - Team Amsterdam

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