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Meet the Team - Interview with Juan Carlos Valencia, Community Engagement Manager

Why did you join MPCES?

Being in the hydrocarbon sector, I began to follow up the renewable energy sector which presented an important growth with a significant contribution in terms of sustainability, it was difficult for me to make the change until I had the opportunity to align interests of mutual growth (company-professional) where my knowledge, experience and commitment to business sustainability under principles of social responsibility were aligned with the DNA of a company,  finding this space in MPCES.


What are your responsibilities?

My primary responsibility is to contribute to the social and environmental sustainability of the company, being accountable in each of the processes so that the importance of the business lies not only in what is done, but also in how it is done, generating value to stakeholders.


How does your everyday work look like?

Keeping in mind the phrase "Early bird catches the worm" I seek to start very early to advance in tasks and have meetings with the ESG team in Germany. When I am in the office, I carry out virtual monitoring of the projects and participate in planning and control meetings of the social and some environmental activities of the projects in Colombia and Central America. I do so mainly under the premise of preventive management with a responsible approach that contributes to an adequate stakeholder engagement. Sometimes the hours of the night help to achieve schedule needs, always looking for the best possible teamwork both at the field and office levels.


What is your background in sustainability?

Since the beginning of my professional life, I have worked with a focus on generating value for the companies I have worked for, thinking as an employee, a representative before authorities, organizations, and communities (Stakeholders) with a long-term vision under the "Win Together" approach.

Not only my experience of more than 20 years in the mining-energy sector have contributed to my professional and personal training, but also my education as a geologist and postgraduate studies in integrated HSEQ management, Socio-environmental management applied to the sector, in addition to the specialization in Corporate Responsibility among others.


Why is community engagement so important for renewable energy companies?

While renewable energy projects themselves contribute to environmental sustainability, the way they are done, through a good neighbor relationship, building trust through responsible and genuine actions with the communities, with permanent communication under two-way principles of transparency and respect and value creation, leads to foster stronger relationships resulting in a long-term investment. It not only places the project but also the organization, making it more competitive and attractive to investors who will want to invest in companies that generate profits while being environmentally and socially sustainable.


What are your hobbies?

Even though work and family take up most of my time, I love music and playing guitar, which generates get-together atmospheres that are the perfect complement. Having a good coffee with my family and friends is also very important.


Anything else you would like to share?

Renewable energies represent a valuable contribution for current and future generations, but they require the efforts of all stakeholders (employees, contractors, communities, government, investors, companies, etc.) to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, generating benefits for all along the way.


Juan Carlos, thank you for this interview. 

Juan Carlos Valencia, Community Engagement Manager

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