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Meet the Team - Interview with Johana Jose-Lares Sanchez, Team Amsterdam

Why did you join MPCES?

I joined MPCES in September 2021 after over 2 years working for Eurus Energy. The new challenge from MPCES in the energy solutions sector based in Holland monitoring projects in the LatAm market attracted me, because MPCES was a start up, a new player, in Holland. MPCES has a clear vision on energy solutions and has ambitious plans. Thirdly, they give a lot attention and value to the finance function. All'n'all, enough reasons for me to make the transfer.


What are your responsibilities?

Managing and monitoring all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems. Maintaining an internal control safeguard for the receipt of revenue and cost. Assisting in the implementation of accounting policies and the practice of procedures across all programs.


How does your everyday work look like?

My day can be very dynamic, from accounting to participating in meetings in order to provide guidance to the finance team.
Furthermore, I am involved in organising follow-up procedures, I have good internal communications, for instance to encourage the team to execute the vision, mission, goals and strategy of the company. From this perspective, also the teams abroad can follow and adopt MPCES's strategy, policies and procedures.


You come from Venezuela – why did you go to the Netherlands?

I moved to the Netherlands in 2012 for family reasons.


Why did you choose controlling for your career?

I enjoy to create and accompany financial processes and I supervise accounting activities which build effective procedures to ensure that ledgers accurately reflect financial growth within the company. Besides, it is important to be a good team player, to discuss strategic issues and also to be an effective decision maker.


What are your hobbies?

I love cooking, exploring new restaurants, I am interested in discovering new wines, especially red ones, and I enjoy watching movies, at home via Netflix or in the cinema.


Anything else you would like to share?

What makes MPCES unique is that every team member shows true dedication and determination. We have a great support from the overall company, the organization could not have gone the extra mile without that. The company is truly blessed with talented employees. It's a nice team with a great work ethic. I really like being part of it.

Thank you for this interview. 

Johana Jose-Lares Sanchez Senior Financial Accountant MPC Energy Solutions

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