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Meet the Team - Interview with Victor Atehortua, Team Bogota

Why did you join MPCES?

I accepted the challenge of joining MPCES as I could see the fast growing projection of the company and the ambitious pipeline. Also I saw the Social and Environmental policies of the company and I instantly felt identified with it.


What are your responsibilities?

I am in charge of the Santa Rosa and Villasol projects located in El Salvador, I also support development activities for new projects within the regions as well as other support activities for the Colombian office.


How does your everyday work look like?

I usually start working at 8am when I am at the office checking emails and answering urgent issues, then I join follow up calls for construction, I stop at 12:30 for lunch and re start one hour later for other calls, networking activities with colleagues and planning activities for development and construction.
If I am on the project, I usually go to the project at 6am to avoid city traffic at San Salvador and perform meetings and perform site visit and meetings with contractors.


What makes renewable energy so important for your country?

Renewable energy is a growing sector which is not only helping to reduce CO2 emissions but also is bringing new job opportunities and services contracts.


Why did you choose the sustainability topic for your Master Degree?

I choose renewable energy and sustainability topic for my master as I saw an opportunity to growth as a professional in a subject that I feel passionate because of the challenges of new technologies and the environmental impact we can achieve.


What are your hobbies?

I love playing tennis, walk my dog, watching football and spend quality time with my family.


Anything else you would like to share?

I feel very proud of what we have achieved so far on MPC in a very short time and it encourages me to keep giving my best for reaching more goals and supporting the environment and communities with our projects.

Thank you for this interview. 

Victor Atehortua - Team Bogot√°, Colombia

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