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Meet the Team - Interview with Wayne Grant, Team Panama

Why did you join MPCES?

I have been integrally involved in a previous project in Jamaica where MPC Capital is one of the sponsors; and having enjoyed working with the team during that project, the opportunity to work with the team again was a no-brainer. The team is amazing and the opportunity to challenge myself while learning with the team especially at a high level is very much inline with my ambitions of being a leader in the region and by extension globally.


What are your responsibilities?

As Director Project Development for the Caribbean,  I am charged with leading development activities for new projects for which MPCES have already committed investments, whether solely or as JV partners with other Developers or Financiers who wish to participate with an experienced IPP such as MPCES. Additionally, I also do support the construction and asset management teams on projects both ongoing and/or for those about to go into operation.


How does your everyday work look like?

My typical day consists of being integrally involved in meetings for projects, whether they are ongoing or in conceptual stages, following up on leads with partners whom are interested in establishing partnerships on projects within the region and/or canvassing opportunities within the region as part of our drive towards achieving our targets; but also to support countries and governments serious about diversifying their energy mix through the use of renewable and clean energy technologies and growing their economies.


You come from Jamaica – why did you join a Dutch company?

I come from a country that is well known for developing high-achieving professionals both regionally and globally. Dutch companies are at the forefront of clean energy technologies and after learning about their strategic goals for deploying clean energy technologies and their interest in the Caribbean; this really impressed me as well as spoke to my core values as a professional and native of the region. I am committed to my ambitions of helping countries in the region achieve their ambitious goals for utilizing renewable energy technologies and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and also working on their plans on tackling climate change.


Why did you choose Project Development for your career?

I love my work as a professional engineer committed to developing and managing projects that help to bring economic growth to countries that are very sensitive to geopolitical change. Being a leader in project development allows me to leverage my knowledge and experience in engineering while managing the risks associated with developing projects, whether from greenfield or building on brownfield projects, considering the impacts from an environmental, financial and legal perspective. It is a very rewarding experience where I can create change, while having positive impact of economies and peoples’ lives.


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy sports, leisure time at the beach or river, downtime with family and friends as well as cooking, which is another passion of mine.


Anything else you would like to share?

With God all things are possible. Be bold enough to challenge yourself despite what you face. Everyday above ground is a good day, be kind to others. Cultivate and live a life of gratitude.

Thank you for this interview. 

"I am committed to my ambitions of helping countries in the region achieve their ambitious goals for utilizing renewable energy technologies."

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